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Grid side large-scale energy storage power station consists of monitoring system, energy storage system, and power supply and distribution system. The monitoring system communicates with the superior dispatching system, receives grid dispatching, and performs charging/discharging operation based on the instructed power depending on the system load, reduces the peak-to-valley difference and smooths the grid load fluctuation to achieve the purpose of peak load and frequency regulation. New energy wind and PV power station consists of energy storage local monitoring unit, energy storage unit and power distribution unit. It can be combined with the wind power generation unit and PV power generation unit to form a large-scale wind power, PV power and energy storage power station. The station level monitoring system monitors the output of each power generation unit in real time and by sending the charging/discharging power to the energy storage local monitoring unit, adjusts the output of the energy storage unit to realize effective energy management in the station, smooth the power output, reduce wind and PV power abandonment, improve power generation efficiency, and promote the application of renewable energy.